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Why Medico Veritas?

The basic purposes of the Agency Medico Veritas are:

1. To provide the patients an easier, better and faster access to the health services with the best possible care at the forefront.

On the basis of the »Directive 2011/24: Free Movement of Patients" the patients in the EU, and now also in Slovenia, can freely choose the providers of health services.

To make the right decision, they need an accurate, honest and verifiable information that they receive in the Agency. This way we guarantee the patients a personal approach and individual advice during the selection of an appropriate provider.

2. To help providers of health services to fill the free capacities (staff, equipment) in a transparent and legal way.

In Slovenia there are thousands of public and private medical institutions, which perform all medical interventions and examinations that the patients need.

We provide the waiting patients get the health care faster with referral to the selected health care providers. In this way, we help the latter to get the income, so that they can retain their activities at least at the same level and, of course, develop in accordance with the global development of the medicine.

Medico Veritas is the bridge between the patients and the providers of health care services and cares for their mutual satisfaction.

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