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Would you like to fill your free capacity?
Join us.

We will appreciate if you join us in creating the Land of Health that every patient will want to visit.

Slovenia has more than 900.000 demands for various health services (interventions, examinations) per year.

The European Union guarantees the free choice of providers of health services. And where does the majority of patients go? To those providers that they are referred to by personal doctors and to those recommended by their friends or relatives.

Why wouldn't they come to you?

Our agency for providing health care services Medico Veritas (hereinafter: the Agency) helps you to connect with pending patients as fast as possible. After the conditions of cooperation are confirmed from both sides, we are going to make sure the patients will come right to you. So you can fill up your free capacities and gain additional funding for your business.

Only the best in its field will be invited to participate. If you meet the criteria of quality that we want to provide for our patients unconditionally, we will sign a contract with you.

This is an exclusive opportunity that brings you the additional financial resources, reputation and visibility in the long run. Like this you preserve and create new jobs, gain the opportunity to develop and enable the maintenance of quality health services.

"The mission of the Agency is to help the patients through the maze of health services, where the best possible care is at the forefront."

How our Agency works?

The main goal is providing our clients (patients) with an easier, better and faster access to medical services. Because we wish our entire service to be a true experience, we named the Agency Medico Veritas a Land of Health. In it we wish to merge the medical care of the highest level with the enjoyment of the beauties of nature, that fill patients hearts and souls.

We guarantee to our patients in the Land of Health:

The mission of the Agency is to help the patients through the maze of health services, where the best possible care is at the forefront.

We help you to fill the free capacity (personnel and equipment) in a transparent and lawful manner.

We invite you to join us in the Land of Health. We expect your message to and we will make an agreement on meeting or a phone discussion.

We are also available at the following contacts:

Medico Veritas, d.o.o. 
Prečna ulica 2 
6230 Postojna

tel: +386 / 40 / 70 60 15


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