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Within the network of carefully selected providers of health care services, we provide the advice and the arrangement of the following services (specifically mentioned are only those, which patients most commonly seek):

Abdominal Surgery

Do you need an operation of hernia, gallbladder stones, piles (hemorrhoids)?



Inspection and testing for allergies.



Do you have skin problems, skin infections, eczema and moles?


Family medicine

Do you need a personal physician?



Do you need an overview of the stomach/intestines (gastroscopy/colonoscopy), or is halitosis bothering you?


Gynecology and obstetrics

We find for you: prenatal diagnosis with genetic counselling, assistance in the conception and management of pregnancy, personal approach to childbirth; an alleviation of the problems of the menopause.


Internistic Oncology

We provide you a personal approach to treatment of cancerous diseases.


Cardiology and vascular medicine

Do you need an overview of heart disease, including ultrasonic examination of the heart, arteries or veins, stress testing, and the assessment of therapy?


Cardiovascular surgery

Do you need a surgery of varicose veins, the insertion of a pacemaker, heart surgery, reconstruction and/or replacement of a heart valve, operations of an abnormally widened arteries (aneurysm)?


Clinical Pharmacology

Novelties of medicines, their side effects and effects on the functioning of your body.


Clinical Genetics

When the genetic testing with the advice of a genetics specialist is needed.


Occupational, Traffic and Sports Medicine

The service includes the examinations of the recreational and top-level athletes, pre-employment medical examinations, special examinations and the assessments of basic or remaining work ability.



If you need an eye surgery for diopter, old-age cataract or an expert to prescribe your glasses.


Orthopedic surgery

When you need an examination or/and surgery of the spine, knees, hips and other joints after trauma or due to wear out.



After the consultation with you, we provide the best medical help for your child.


Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy; body aesthetic surgery; gender reassignment surgery.



If you need pulmonary function tests, allergy tests or the identification of the causes of snoring.


Psychiatry and/or Neurology

For those who need treatment for dementia; you need an EMG, UTZ examination of the veins of the neck and head.



If you need different imaging: ultrasound - UTZ, RTG, CT, MRI - with or without contrast.



If you have problems with rheumatism, we find you an expert on treating the rheumatic diseases.


Thoracic surgery

The Thyroid Surgery.



Do you need the examination or the operation of the prostate, bladder, kidneys?


Maxillofacial surgery

In case you need surgery of the facial skeleton.


Dental and jaw orthopedics

Do you have problems with an incorrect bite or tooth eruption?


Oral surgery and dental prosthetics

If you need surgery of the teeth or dental implants.



Do you need high quality fillings, tartar removal?


Dental disease and endodonty

Do you need the treatment of gum disease ("paradontosis") or dental roots ("granuloma")?


If you did not find the health care service that you need, let us know at and we will help you to get a suitable healthcare provider for your problems. We are committed to the personal approach to every patient.

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