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Welcome to the Land of Health

Our mission is to assist you through the labyrinth of medical services and find you the best possible medical care. Everyone wants the best for his health, and you deserve it, too.

You no longer need to search for unverified information on the internet and ask where to go for an examination, surgery, advice, etc. Here, you will find it all at one place.

We are your personal guide to available medical services. Even if you wish only to enhance your health and you need preventive checkups, but you do not know where to go, give us a call and we will be happy to advise and help you.

The Land of Health is your solution, when you need medical care, examination, surgery. You will have fewer worries, when you get medical problems, because you will know that we will help you and advise you where to go to get the best assistance.

We have arrangements with specially selected medical institutions, which can provide you with examinations and interventions quickly, safely and through the performance of great quality.

We are striving to help you in as many areas, affecting your health, as possible.

Why can you trust us?

Our main goal is to provide you with the easier, better and faster access to medical services. We guarantee you:

  • The best information: where to go for a particular medical intervention, examination, service,
  • High standards: our doctors, dentists and other staff are highly qualified; our advisers will check medical documentation and make the necessary arrangements in order to get you an appointment with the most appropriate provider,
  • Complete package: our service includes a doctor's advice, the review of medical documentation and referral to the appropriate provider,
  • Safety: doctors, who will advise you, are professionals with long history of medical practice; our agency has high quality standards when selecting each provider of medical services,
  • Fast replies: we have an excellent work organization of the participating doctors and professionals and carefully chosen providers of medical services. Therefore, with us, there is no needless waiting and bureaucracy,
  • Individual approaches: our advisors advise the patients personally.


Did you know that there are over 1000 public and personal health care centers in Slovenia, which provide a variety of clinical interventions and examinations?

It is not true that you have to wait in line for your medical review. Place yourself in a shorter cue for health care facilities. The only question is which choice is right for you.


There is no need to wait while your health is deteriorating. For all that now there is a solution.

Imagine the following:

In all such cases we offer you a solution.

How the agency works

You are already familiar with the travel agencies where you drop in when you want to arrange a vacation, spend qualitatively the most awaited holiday, organize a business meeting as adapted to your need as possible. They counsel you about the location of your holiday, the trips, the meetings, they recommend the most suitable holiday destination for you, in short, they adapt to your needs and expectations.

The agency Medico Veritas works in a similar way.

You come to us when you need a certain medical examination, intervention or council. You can come with or without a referral. We accept everyone in need of our help.

We will find the right provider of medical service according to your referral. If you want a self-funding service, we will adjust to your expectations regarding the price and the location. With your permission, our experts will examine your medical documentation and advise you the right specialist, who will perform a suitable service for you. We will do our best to find the best solution according to your need and possibility.

Because we wish our entire service to be a harmonious experience for you, we named the Agency Medico Veritas a Land of Health. In it we wish to merge the medical care of the highest level with the enjoyment of the beauties of nature, that fills your soul and heart.

Reduce your worries

We present you with this new service, which you have been long waiting for. .

What is it about?

In order to help you get healthy again we have set up a team of experts and organize a unique agency for advising, arranging and helping patients in a global system of health care providers.

Welcome to the Land of Health – because only the best is good enough!

How can you use our service

Call us at +386 / 40 / 70 60 15 or send an email to

We will be pleased to assist you!

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