Are you waking up at night with chest oppressions? A sharp pain?

You do not have enough air?

Have you woken up at night when you had an unusual feeling in your chest? Were you worried that it was from the heart? It has passed and you have forgotten, until the next episode. A regularly ECG scan at your doctor showed no abnormalities? Do you know how to describe your feelings?

Was the pulse strong or fast, or just very “weird”? Pain sharp, stabbing? Did you get enough air?

Are you already a patient with one of the diagnoses of a heart disease, you may have already been surgically treated, have your heart regularly monitored with ECG at your doctor’s office or with Holter device? The latter, you know for sure how awkward it is to use. Above all, it has limited time period for monitoring.

The Savvy ECG catches any episode of irregular beats, which I nowhere else can purposefully and systematically follow.

By using the Savvy ECG for an unlimited period of time, you can “catch” the events described above and show your ECG measurement to your doctor. Simply place the meter on your chest, close to your heart, and start monitoring your heart beat. Do short interruptions only when charging the device, which is every 7 days for only 2 hours. Because it is very light, small and without cables, you can wear it unlimited during daily activities, intimacy, sleeping, and you can also shower with it.

Purposefully and systematic monitor your heart beat all the time.

Did you know that dance is a great and complete aerobic physical activity? It has a beneficial effect on the heart, blood vessels and general well-being. Affects muscles and skeleton, enhance motor skills, mobility, balance, strength, speed and body control. Body contact, adjusting to a partner, movement, rhythm and music have a holistic and beneficial effect on body and soul. Dance contributes significantly to relaxation and sociability.

When performing physical activity, we have to pay attention to the response of the heart and body. Above all, as with all things in life, we must reconcile our desires, expectations and capabilities.

To where is the safe side of physical exertion for my heart?

The answer is Savvy ECG.

Priporočamo uporabo pri:
  • Feelings of rapid, slow or irregular heartbeat.
  • When we have occasional dizziness that may be caused by a heart rhythm disorder.
  • We want to check the adequacy of cardiac rhythm monitoring after initiating certain treatments (eg, appropriate heart rate in patients with atrial fibrillation).
  • We have conditions that could be the result of a heart rhythm disorder (eg patients with unexplained stroke).
  • Unexplained periods of decrease in physical capacity when is suspected that a change in cardiac muscle that is not the result of obstruction in the arteries of the heart.
  • Monitoring the impact of ambulatory use of some antiarrhythmic drugs with the aim of early detection of unexpected effects.
  • You have unexplained syncope or fainting (sudden short-term unconsciousness).
  • You experience shortness of breath with unpleasant feeling during physical activity.
And factors:
  • aging, stress, diabetes, arterial hypertension, heart failure, heart rhythm disorders, obesity, alcoholism, heart attacks and strokes in the family.
The heart rate monitor, the Savvy ECG, is a medical device like a thermometer, blood pressure monitor … and can be used by multiple people.
It is easy to clean, disinfect with conventional disinfectants for use by different people.
The electrodes on the skin are disposable.
The Savvy ECG is therefore not only an investment for you personally but also for your family and close friends.

Systematically and purposefully monitor the rhythm of the heart with the Savvy ECG.

Show the results of measurements to your doctor, cardiologist, and get faster the right diagnosis and treatment.

I see and monitor my heart rate on my phone.

Arrhythmias do not "work" on request.

Even 72 hours can be too short monitoring interval.

Caring for the heart of family members.

One concern less with the Savvy ECG.

I simply print the ECG report

and bring it to the doctor for review.

Monitor the heart rate systematically and purposefully with the Savvy ECG.

Arrhythmias do not work on request.

Longer time – 7 days – to perform continuous heart rate measurements with Savvy ECG is an important step in medicine – cardiology for the detection and diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation (AF).
Complications associated with Atrial Fibrillation can be fatal, so a quick diagnosis is even more important for further treatment.
Atrial Fibrillation is recognized as a sudden rapid heartbeat in an uneven rhythm. Seek medical attention, untreated Atrial Fibrillation can be one of the causes of unexplained stroke.
By using the Savvy ECG, you already have measurements that can be shown to your doctor and you don’t have to wait long for a Holter’s heart rate monitoring.

We also prevent stroke.

For about 30 % of patients they are unable to identify a clear cause of stroke, so we are talking about cryptogenic (of dubious, unclear or unknown origin) stroke. At least 20 % cryptogenic stroke there is a cause in an Atrial Fibrillation. 
About 4,400 people a year are affected by stroke in Slovenia. It is the third cause of mortality and the first cause of disability in our country, which entails high costs of treatment, extremely reduced quality of life (absence from work, rehabilitation, care for loved ones, …).
In approximately


of patients the cause of stroke cannot be identified.

people a year are affected by stroke in Slovenia.

Why is usual heart rate monitoring only partially successful?

  • The main indicator of heart rhythm disturbance is an ECG recording that you take at your doctor,
  • the rhythm disorder often goes away before the patient comes to the doctor,
  • heart rate monitoring – ECG record – is too short (up to 1 minute in ambulance),
  • monitoring of heart rate is often too short (up to 48 hours with Holter monitoring),
  • Holter device has a lot of cables and is awkward in everyday life,
  • the waiting time for a Holter device is several weeks.

The solution is to use a Savvy ECG heart rate monitor.

Measurements – ECG REPORT – Doctor

Measurements – ECG REPORT – Doctor

The mobile device keeps a history of all measurements of heart activity and events that the user has marked. By using the mobile application (MobECG) you can easily print an ECG REPORT for your doctor. You can determine the length of the ECG report and it records the cardiac activity up to 30 minutes. You can make any number of prints and for any number of events.

ECG report (PDF) easy:

  • send by email or
  • print it out and bring to your doctor.


  • Buy the phone without a binding at a price of 149 €
  • Free additional electrode package for a use by the whole family.
  • Free Shipping in Slovenia, lowest additional in EU.

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