What rhythm does your heart have? Correct? Dangerous? Have you even noticed it?

Can you suffer from a heart attack?

Heart rate disorders are equally dangerous!

Have you woken up at night when you had an unusual feeling in your chest? Were you worried that it was from the heart? It has passed and you have forgotten, until the next episode. A regularly ECG scan at your doctor showed no abnormalities?

Do you know how to describe your feelings? Was the pulse strong or fast, or just very “weird”? Pain sharp, stabbing? Did you get enough air?

Stress, worry, everyday tasks, work, physical exertion, exercises have significant strain on your heart. To what extent is this load still safe for you?

Check and monitor your heart rate whenever you want and for as long as you need to. Monitor the ECG of your heart when you need it with your easy-to-use device. Printouts of the measurements and events for which you want a medical opinion on, you can forward to a doctor or cardiologist as pdf.

PREVENTION is of the utmost importance!

Attend preventative examinations, choose healthy lifestyles, eat healthy, and avoid unhealthy life habits!

Regular physical activity has been shown to improve cardiac muscle function.

The quality of life improves significantly with regular physical activity. Physical fitness is greater, as is physical capacity. Everyday life gets easier. The sense of well-being and good health is heightened.

Too much motivation, low self-awareness, competitiveness, inadequate workload (training, effort, stress,…) will always be answered by the heart. Problems will be indicated by discomfort, perhaps severe shortness of breath or uncomfortable squeezing pain in the chest. Failure to follow the alert and stubborn continuation of exertion can lead to impaired blood flow and even heart attack. Heart rhythm disturbances can also occur.

Choose prevention and systematically and purposefully monitor your heart rate with the Savvy ECG.

How does my heart respond to stressful situations?

When to use SAVVY ECG in prevention?
We recommend the use of:
  • Feelings of rapid, slow or irregular heartbeat.
  • When we have occasional dizziness that may be caused by a heart rhythm disorder.
  • Unexplained periods of decrease in physical capacity when is suspected that a change in cardiac muscle that is not the result of obstruction in the arteries of the heart.
  • You have unexplained syncope or fainting (sudden short-term unconsciousness).
  • You experience shortness of breath with unpleasant feeling during physical activity.
  • Feeling of the “functioning” of the heart in stressful situations.

With physical activity (exercise, dancing, pilates, walking in the hills,…) we “disconnect” from everyday concerns, but remain alerted to the response of the heart and body.

Above all, we align our desires and expectations with our abilities.

Many times we know, but unfortunately we don’t do nothing.
We have the opportunity to do something right and immediately check the heart beat in long period time, between:
daily tasks (at home, work), physical activity, intimacy, sleeping.

The heart rate monitor, the Savvy ECG, is a medical device like a thermometer, blood pressure monitor … and can be used by multiple people.

It is easy to clean, disinfect with conventional disinfectants for use by different people.

The electrodes on the skin are disposable.

Savvy ECG is not only an investment for you personally but also for your family, even your friends.


How fast my heart responds and I don’t even know it?

I see and monitor my heart rate on my phone.

Arrhythmias do not "work" on request.

Even 72 hours can be too short monitoring interval.

Caring for the heart of family members.

One concern less with the Savvy ECG.


I take care of my health on time.

First arrhythmias - 100 questions.

Savvy ECG is the answer.

I simply print the ECG report

and bring it to the doctor for review.

How does my heart respond to stressful situations?

Can I be affected by a heart attack?

Heart rhythm disorders can also be dangerous!

Measurements – ECG REPORT – Doctor

The mobile device keeps a history of all measurements of heart activity and events that the user has marked. By using the mobile application (MobECG) you can easily print an ECG REPORT for your doctor. You can determine the length of the ECG report and it records the cardiac activity up to 30 minutes. You can make any number of prints and for any number of events.

ECG report (PDF) easy:

  • send by email or
  • print it out and bring to your doctor.

Choose the prevention

and heart rate monitor Savvy ECG.


  • Buy the phone without a binding at a price of 149 €
  • Free additional electrode package for a use by the whole family.
  • Free Shipping in Slovenia, lowest additional in EU.


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